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10 Minutes With... Matthew Rindel

By Rhi AMX

Mon Dec 21 2020

AMX Superstores spends 10 Minutes with VIC Road Racer, Matthew Rindel.

Tell us about you and what stated you into riding?
I am a 24 year old mechanic working at a car restoration shop called Vintage and Classic Garage. What got me into riding was my dad at a very young age, but didn't start racing until 2018 after helping out a good mate at the track and deciding this was definitely something I wanted to take up.

What Championship are you currently competing in for 2020 and what are your plans for 2021?
I've done Vic Titles, Hartwell, Interclub and ASBK for 2020. My plans for 2021 involve the Victorian Championship and ASBK on the 300, and some track days and club rounds on the 1000. 

You rode a Phillip Island round at the MotoGP 2019 and the bike looked great! What was it like riding in front of that crowd and how did the round go for you?
Nothing like it, such a great experience racing in front of a massive crowd and all the energy it gives you. I was lucky enough to win that round overall- the highlight of the weekend coming home with that trophy hyped up from the experience.

COVID-19 hit Victoria harder than the other states this year, how has it affected your riding?
I didn't get to ride for a solid 6 months, that hit hard and I've had to work hard at the track the past few weeks to get back up to speed. 

What have you done through lockdown to keep yourself mentally and physically ride fit?
I've been working hard at improving my fitness by running and cycling a lot which has definitely helped me keep fit and motivated for racing, becoming competitive in other aspects of life has helped through the lockdown with no races, and playing lots of Mario Kart.

What advice would you give to other riders who have struggled with lock down?
Get out and ride as much as possible!

With everything moving forward, what are you most looking forward to?
Just more days at the track, and a real full racing season! 

Are you looking forward to having AMX Superstores on board for 2021?
Definitely, I really appreciate their support and look forward to seeing them around the track this coming season.

If people want to follow your upcoming season, where can they find you?
Instragram as matthew_rindel 
Facebook as Matthew Rindel #95 

Thank you Matthew, it's been great talking.  Good luck for 2021!

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