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Summer Motorcycle Gear Buying Guide

By Trudi AMX

Wed Nov 24 2021

As the weather warms up it is tempting to go without some of the protection and layers of motorcycle gear. However riding a motorcycle does not get any less dangerous in the summertime. Thankfully, innovations in the manufacturing of good motorcycle gear and accessories means that motorcycle riders are now spoiled for choice for summer gear.

In this guide we will discuss what to look for when buying motorcycle gear for summer. We will cover;

  • Materials
  • Fitment & Adjustability
  • Summer Motorcycle Gear Options
    • Motorcycle Jackets
    • Ride Shirts & Hoodies
    • Riding Pants & Jeans
    • Motorcycle Gloves
    • Motorcycle Helmets & Boots
    • Summer MX Gear
    • Backpacks & Hydration
  • Summer Riding Safety Tips


The materials of your summer motorcycle gear is really important as this is the main contributor to keeping cool in the heat. Look for lightweight, moisture-wicking materials like mesh motorcycle jackets to keep you cool, dry and smelling fresh - or as fresh as possible at least.

Venting & perforation means that even a leather jacket with high levels of abrasion protection and armour can be suitable for riding in hot weather. The Dainese Racing 3 Perforated Leather Jacket is one example of a lightweight leather jacket with perforated cooling zones to regulate temperature.

The colour of your riding gear can also effect your comfort in warm weather. Dark colours absorb heat, whereas lighter colours reflect the heat - so although you may think you look cool in black, black is not a "cool" colour. Most jackets are darker in colour, however check out these stylish alternatives:




Removable thermal liners in both motorcycle jackets and riding pants mean that your gear can easily transition from winter to summer riding conditions. Dri Rider Vortex Adventure 2 Pants removable thermal liner allows you to configure the pants for any riding condition.

Dri Rider Vortex Adventure 2 Pants Grey Black

Fitment & Adjustability

It is important that you accept advice on the size and fit of your motorcycle gear. Many people make the mistake of buying summer gear too big as they think they will just wear a few layers underneath and use the same gear for winter riding. Ideally you should have proper gear for each season.

Fitment is important because the armour and protection are located in strategic places and is designed to protect those specific parts of you in case of an accident. Consider your other gear when buying any new items - is it going to be compatible and sit comfortably with your existing gear?

Good, well fitting gear is comfortable and makes riding more enjoyable. Stretch panels aid in comfort by allowing for flexibility and movement. Adjustment straps are another feature of good gear which allows you to adjust the fitment so that armour is sitting in the right place, and the gear is fitting close to your body.

Summer Motorcycle Gear Options

Motorcycle Jackets

Arguably the most effective way to keep cool while riding in warm weather is to choose the right motorcycle jacket. There are summer jackets available in both textile & leather and the most suitable for you will depend on your riding style.

Alpinestars T SPS Air Jacket is an example of a mesh jacket for warm weather riding that does not compromise on safety features, it is perfect for urban riding. This motorcycle jacket features big mesh panels on the chest, back, and arms as well as zipped air vents for the option of more air flow. The primary shell is superior poly-fabric for high levels of tear and abrasion resistance, and CE Level 1 Nucleon Flex Plus shoulder and elbow armour offer further protection.


Alpinestars T SPS Air Jacket

If you required a higher level of protection, a perforated leather jacket is a good option. Argon Scorcher Perforated Jacket is made from genuine leather that has excellent abrasion resistance and is tear resistant yet perforated to help regulate temperature.

Ride Shirts & Hoodies

Ride Shirts

Designed as a trendy, lightweight and convenient alternative to motorcycle jackets, good quality ride shirts are reinforced with protective lining like DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber , generally with either included or optional armoured padding for elbows & shoulders and a back protector. We recommend to always wear armour with your ride shirt as the protective lining alone is not enough to protect you in the case of a motorcycle accident.

Look for heavy duty stitching for superior protection, tapered sleeves and a close fit that will keep the armour in place.

Johnny Reb Waratah Shirt



Johnny Reb Waratah Shirt
Johnny Reb Waratah Shirt


Like the ride shirt, a motorcycle hoody is for the rider who wants a casual aesthetic with the protection afforded by body armour and DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber lining. And of course, they are super comfy!

Look for a hoody that is fully lined with Stretch DuPont™ Kevlar®, with CE armour for both elbows and shoulders as well as included or optional back protector. Heavy duty stitching and good quality zip closures are also important features of good gear.




Riding Pants & Jeans

Regular pants might seem more like a comfortable option in the summertime, however there are now some great motorcycle jeans and riding pants that offer comfort as well as protection.

If you need maximum protection, leather motorcycle pants can still be worn in summer - look for perforated leather pants with a mesh liner. For example the Argon Calibre Perforated Leather Pants have been designed for summer riding.

Textile motorcycle pants are made from synthetic materials and are very versatile, from adventure touring options to urban riding. The Dri Rider Air Ride 2 Pants encompass all of the components of good motorcycle gear; mesh comfort liner & removable waterproof & breathable liner, stretch panels and CE armour. CORDURA® is another example of a strong synthetic material that protects against tears, scuffs, and abrasions. Check out the PMJ Spring Ladies Jeans Deep Black which have the appearance of normal pants. These textile pants specifically designed for women provide comfort and protection.

Motorcycle jeans offer much more protection than regular denim jeans. Kevlar® jeans are well known in the motorcycle industry for their enhanced protection. Look for jeans that specify Kevlar® lining as well as hip & knee armour for added protection like the Draggin Next Generation Jeans. On top of being highly rated motorcycle safety gear, these jeans are also lightweight making them ideal for summer.

Draggin Next Generation Jean Blue
Draggin Next Generation Jeans Blue

Motorcycle Gloves

The Dri Rider Air Ride Glove & Air Ride Ladies Glove are great examples of a summer glove that does not compromise on safety. They feature premium full grain leather panels in the high risk areas, and abrasion resistant mesh on the back & fingers to aid in ventilation. The carbon fibre knuckle protection prevent vital knuckle joints from being crushed in the case of an accident.


Air Ride Gloves Black

Argon Synchro Gloves, also available in men's and ladies, is a CE Certified glove with a combination of climate control and protection. CE Certification (Conformité Européene or European Conformity) means that the item has been tested in certified testing facilities.

Fingerless gloves might seem like a good idea in summer, however they offer very minimal protection and are usually chosen for aesthetic reasons. We delve deeper into glove options in our Motorcycle Gloves Buying Guide.

Motorcycle Helmets & Boots

While motorcycle helmets are not season specific, if you do all of your riding in summer you may want to consider a full face helmet with sufficient vents to keep you cool in summer, with the option to close them in winter. An open face helmet like the HJC i30 Helmet will allow for lot's of air flow, however they do not offer the same protection as full face helmets. A modular helmet, like the Shoei Neotec II can give you the best of both worlds - the protection of a full face helmet, and the option to flip the chin bar & face shield up while waiting at the lights.

Look for a helmet with a removable lining for easy cleaning, and vents for maximum airflow - ideally the helmet should have both intake and exhaust vents. Added bonus is an in-built sun shield or a helmet that allows room for wearing sunglasses.

Read more about motorcycle helmets in our Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide.


Shoei Neotec II Separator TC-10

Motorcycle boots for summer should be breathable without compromising on protection. Look for lightweight materials, mesh lining and perforation. Riding boots like the Alpinestars Supertech R Boot focuses on ventilation through perforation & lightweight materials for a comfortable experience, whilst also offering superior abrasion resistance, armour and shin protection. A more casual motorcycle boot is the Argon SNK-R Boot with high performance mesh for breathability, and reinforced shin and ankle protection.

Argon SNK-R Boot

Argon SNK-R Boot

Read more about motorcycle boots in our Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide.

Summer MX Gear

Motocross gear comes in summer and winter styles. Look for perforations or mesh panels on the back of knees, hips and lower legs in pants., and on the back and shoulders of jerseys. Summer MX gloves will also have perforations, and mesh finger sidewall and gusset for improved airflow and lightweight feel. Check out the Fly Lite 2022 gear - Pants, Jersey, Gloves - available in many colours and perfect for off road riding in hot weather.

Fly 2022 Lite

Fly 2022 Lite Gear

Read more about MX gear in our Motocross Gear Buying Guide.

Backpacks & Hydration

Dehydration can leave you feeling tired, dizzy, lightheaded and could result in being less focussed and vigilant on the bike. An important component of summer motorcycle riding is a backpack or hydration pack. Whether you prefer to carry bottled water, or use a hydropack with a bladder, AMX has a huge range of backpack options available. Popular models include the Fly Racing Luggage XC30 Hydro Pack 1 Litre, and the USWE Ranger 3 2L.


USWE Ranger 3 2L

Summer Riding Safety Tips

  • Stay hydrated! The human body needs to be hydrated for clarity & good decision making.
  • Wear motorcycle gear that is right for your style of riding, and ensure its suitability for hot weather riding.
  • Take frequent breaks, stop in the shade, under a tree, or at a café to take your jacket & helmet off and cool down.
  • Plan ahead - check what the weather is doing, check where you can stop to take a rest & refill your water, check if anything is happening on the roads that might affect your journey.

Happy Shopping!

Now that you are armed with a practical guide to shopping for summer motorcycle gear, head into one of our 17 stores in Australia, or shop online at ! Our sales team in store are available to answer all of your questions, and to provide advice on size and fitment to ensure you get the right motorcycle gear. If you can't get into an AMX store, you can speak to a friendly Online Customer Service team member on 1300 113 257.

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