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AMX Product Insights with Riana Crehan - Dainese Smart Jacket

By Trudi AMX

Thu Oct 14 2021

Check out this video where Riana Crehan gives you guys an insight into the legendary Dainese Smart Jacket


The concept was brought in by Dainese for the Moto GP some years ago and it is now mandatory for all riders who line up on the grid. That technology is also now available for all road riders in the way of the Dainese Smart Jacket.

The Smart Jacket offers the protection of the most advanced Dainese D-air® airbag technology in a lightweight, versatile vest that fits every use and any rider. It can be worn under or over any jacket or outfit and requires no connection to the bike. It is ventilated and foldable. It can therefore be stored in a top box, bag, or backpack.

The Smart Jacket ensures the safety of the airbag system used by MotoGP™ champions and developed by Dainese following 20 years of road and track testing. It combines all the safety of the sophisticated latest-generation Dainese D-air® and the ease of a garment with a thousand uses that is designed for everyone... This is true freedom of protection.

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