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Motorcycle Stand Buying Guide

By Darya AMX

Thu Apr 21 2022

Welcome to the ultimate guide to helping you purchase the best motorcycle stand that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a road bike stand or dirt bike stand, this guide will give you all the right tools to give you more knowledge on buying the correct motorcycle stand. We will show you all the different types of motorcycle stands, how they work and their pricing category.

The most important feature to keep in mind while looking for a motorcycle stand is whether you have a road bike or a dirt bike. Below we go through the different road bike and dirt bike stands that you can purchase at AMX.

Road Bike Stand

The benefits of any motorcycle stand is to either help you maintain and upkeep your motorcycle or to store your motorcycle in your garage. You want to find a stand that is most suitable for your needs. Below we identify the different types of Road Bike Stands you can purchase for your motorcycle.

  • Front Wheel Stand

    A front wheel stand is an extremely beneficial motorcycle stand to life up the front end of your motorcycle to allow you to work on the front end of the bike.

Oxford Front Paddock Stand

  • Rear Wheel Stand

    A rear wheel stand is ideally useful to life up the rear wheel so that you can remove the rear wheel for maintenance.

Oxford Rear Paddock Stand

Dirt Bike Stand

Dirt bike stands are extremely useful for helping you maintain your dirt bike whether it is to clean it or carry out some maintenance on it, a stand will make life a lot easier. Below we go through the different types of dirt bike stands that you can purchase.

  • Lift Stand

    A lift stand is the perfect stand to get your entire dirt bike off the ground making it easier to clean, change the oil or even swap around some tyres. The lift stand sits straight under the dirt bike frame, with an easy kick down lever, raises the dirt bike up off the ground.

Rtech Lift Stand

  • Side Stand

    A side stand is a perfect, easier and quick stand for the track or even at home when you aren't in need of lifting the entire bike off the ground. The side stand sits perfectly into your axle as you let the bike lean on to it holding it in an upright position.

RHK Triangle Stand

  • Steel Stand

    The steel stand is a great stand that is sturdy and safe when it comes to needing to work on your dirt bike off the ground. It is similar to the lift stand except it doesn't have a kick down lever instead you will have to lift your dirt bike on top of the stand.

Matrix C1 Steel Stand

Happy Shopping!

We hope our guide provided you with the best information to find the best motorcycle stand so that you can work on your motorcycle or store it in your shed! If you need any help with fitment, sizing or information head into one of our 19 stores in Australia, or shop online at ! Our sales team in store are available to answer all of your questions, and to provide advice on size and fitment. If you can't get into a store, you can speak to a friendly Online Customer Service team member on 1300 113 257.

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