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Motocross Gear Buying Guide

By Darya AMX

Wed Nov 24 2021

Welcome to the ultimate buying guide to helping you purchase all the motocross gear you'll need to jump on your dirt bike. AMX Superstores range in a variety of different dirt bike gear and this guide will give you all the right tools to give you the knowledge and confidence to buy exactly what you need.

In this guide we will walk you through every important protective and safety gear that you will need to ride:

Off Road/Dirt Bike Helmet

The first bit of motocross gear you'll need is a dirt bike helmet. We want to make sure you are one of the safest dirt bike riders on the track! A helmet is important in helping protect your head in case of a crash or a fall.

Every motorcycle helmet is made up of a rigid outer shell, an inner liner and a comfort liner. The outer shell can be composed of several different materials such as Plastic, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber & Kevlar. The inner line is made of EPS, which is expanded polystyrene. While the comfort liner is a soft padding between your head and the inner liner of the helmet to provide comfort while riding.

It is important to try on different helmets as every helmet fits differently, some have thicker comfort liners while some have thinner ones. You can read our Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide for more information on buying a helmet. Here are some of our recommendations.


SHOEI VFX-WR Helmet Pinnacle TC-1

FLY 2022 Formula Carbon Helmet

Motocross Pants

Next up is a pair of motocross pants which range in a variety of different brands and prices. Dirt bike pants are equipped with an adjustable strap, a zipper, some have hip protectors and padded knees for extra level of comfort and grip on the bike.

Motocross pants come in men's and women's styles and sizes. There is no differential between summer and winter dirt bike pants, but you can purchase pants that have more ventilation in them for the hot summer days.

Some brands include Fly Racing, Fox, Alpinestars, Thor, Unit & Answer.


FLY 2022 Evo Pant Navy White Gold

FLY 2022 Lite Pant Red White

Motocross Jersey

To match your motocross pants, you will also need a motocross jersey. Jerseys come in all different brands and styles as well, most jerseys have perforated holes under the arms, on the back and sometimes down the sleeves as well to keep the air flow going through to keep you cool. Some jerseys have cuffed ends, and moisture wicking material to help absorb the sweat.

Some brands include Fly Racing, Fox, Alpinestars, Thor, Unit & Answer.


FLY 2022 Evo Jersey Navy White Gold

FLY 2022 Lite Jersey Red White

Off Road Gloves

Next up is a pair of off road gloves. Gloves are important in keeping your hands safe from roost, or gravel rash if you come off your dirt bike. There are a couple of different types of dirt bike gloves, you can get the 2020 Alpinestars Thermo Shielder Glove for the cold winter mornings, or the ventilated FLY 2022 F-16 Glove for the summer days, as well as the Fly Patrol XC Glove for the enduro riders.

Dirt bike gloves also come in different brands and styles including Fly Racing, Fox, Alpinestars, Thor, Unit & Answer.


2020 Alpinestars Thermo Shielder Glove

FLY 2022 F-16 Glove

Fly Patrol Xc Glv20 Black

Motocross Goggles

Motocross goggles are a key finish to the dirt bike helmet. Since dirt bike helmets don't have a face shield, you'll definitely need a pair of goggles to protect your eyes while riding. Almost all dirt bike goggles have replaceable lens', so that you can pop on a pair of tinted lens for the sunny days.

They come in different brands and styles including Fox, Oakley, 100%, Fly Racing, Dragon, Scott, FMF & Progrip.


Oakley Airbrake Jet Black 16 Bronze Prizm

FLY 2022 Goggle Zone Pro Red Mirror

Motocross Boots

Motocross boots are a huge recommendation when riding dirt bikes. You want a pair of riding boots that will provide maximum safety, while also making the most for it's value. Every pair of dirt bike boots provides ankle protection, a padded toe box, a shin plate and a bit of leg protection. There are two different kinds of dirt bike boots, Motocross Boots and Enduro Boots.

  • Motocross boots have your regular sole intended for track riders who take their foot on and off the foot pegs consistently. If you had grippier soles it would be harder to remove your foot off the pegs every time you came to a corner.
  • Enduro boots have a sole that has thicker grooves more intended to have a solid grip on the foot pegs of your dirt bike for those tough trails.


Motocross Boots - Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Boots

Enduro Boots - Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots

Base Layers

Base layers are a great way to keep cool by allowing your sweat to evaporate and do its job and when it's cold to keep you warm by thermal properties. You can purchase winter and summer base layers to their job throughout the appropriate seasons.

Base layers come in variety of different t-shirts, long sleeves, shorts, and pants.


Alpinestars Ride Tech Summer Top L/S

EVS Tug 2.0 Compression Vented Short


Before you chuck on those Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS boots, we have to make sure you've got the appropriate socks for dirt bike riding. There are a couple of different kinds of riding socks, Motocross Socks and Knee Brace Socks.


Knee Brace Socks - EVS T.U.G. Fusion Sock

Motocross Socks - Fly Socks MX

Body Armour

Lastly, you'll need some body armour to give you the ultimate protection in case of a fall or crash. Body armour can consist of the following:

It is important to have a chest protector to protect you from the roost of other riders, as well as if you were to have a crash, to protect your chest from hitting parts of the dirt bike or other objects on the ground such as a rock.


EVS RV4 Adult Body Armour

Elbow pads are actually a very important piece of your safety and protection. They are often one of the armour products that is easily forgotten. Your elbows are the part of your body that is least protected by the bike and fenders. They, therefore, get hit by a lot of roost and debris. They also stick out quite a bit from the rest of your body and are more exposed because of that.

Fly Barricade Lite Ce Armour Elbow Guard

Wearing knee braces can have a range of benefits for dirt bike riders. They are extremely comfortable to wear, as long as you choose a product that fits correctly and fastens securely in place.

The braces give your body flexibility, as the design provides your leg with the ability to move in the correct manner and controls the rotation of the knee. This enables you to continue riding and carry out the same maneuvers as you could without the knee braces.

If you need help trying out or fitting a new pair of knee braces, head in to one of our AMX Superstores and one of our team members will be able to help you out.

Asterisk Knee Brace Ultra Cell 3.0

A motocross neck brace is designed to perform two very important tasks. Firstly, it is meant to direct harsh forces placed on the neck during a crash, away from the neck and disperse them safely across the body. Secondly, a neck brace is designed to limit the back and forth, and side to side movement of the head. This prevents hyperextension and hyperflexion during a crash.

Leatt 2020 Gpx 3.5 Neck Brace

Happy shopping!

We hope our guide provided you with the best information to find the best motocross gear so that you can go out and enjoy your ride! If you need any help with fitment, sizing or information head into one of our 17 stores in Australia, or shop online at ! Our sales team in store are available to answer all of your questions, and to provide advice on size and fitment. If you can't get into a store, you can speak to a friendly Online Customer Service team member on 1300 113 257.


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