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Knee Brace Guide

By Rhi AMX

Wed Mar 24 2021

It’s not unusual to see sports athletes wearing knee braces for one simple reason, the knee is fragile. Being a collection of ligaments, joints and soft tissue, the knee is prone to injury under the stress of sports, Motocross included.

With the movement and action of any Motocross rider, the knee can be under a lot of pressure during jumps and the unavoidable falls, with the leg and knee absorbing the shock of the impact each time. 

Protection for your knee’s is a must if you want to avoid re-construction and that’s where knee braces come in. A motocross knee brace is very similar to a medical knee brace and were originally worn as a way of treating an existing knee injury as opposed to main their usage now, which is preventing one.

When buying a knee brace, you can’t afford to buy cheap, this is a serious investment for a serious piece of kit.  You are shopping for safety equipment therefore the price you pay should not the deciding factor.  The features such as technical enhancements, movement, materials and quality are all things to look out for when opting for your knee brace, as well as fitment, weight and overall strength and construction.

At AMX, we stock a number of different knee brace brands and models, all of which will keep you protected.  Watch the video below and let our Auburn Knee Brace Expert, Josh give you the low-down on what to look out for when choosing your protection.


Featured Products:


Pod K4

The all new Pod K4 knee brace makes next generation comfort and performance

accessible to the motocross masses.  The K4 is made slim, light and easily adapted for multi-sport use. Trusted by elite athletes, POD braces are proven to reduce the risk and severity of ligament injuries in action sports by providing Protection On Demand (POD) without compromising performance. Features fiberglass reinforced frames, human motion natural knee support, low profile frame design and corrosion resistant material construction.


Following the previous Ultra Cell model, Asterisk has trimmed down the profile of the liners making getting in and out of the brace easier.  They have included four snap-in strap liner attachments, which allow independent adjustment for the best comfort and support.  The brace-to-boot tether attachment helps prevent lower leg rotation and the glide hinge is also a winner allowing for natural flex and extension of the knee.


The Mobius X8 challenges every perception of knee and joint support developed over the past century. A combination of forward thinking and revolutionary design has yielded a brace that surpasses any offering on the market in support, protection, comfort, and appearance. The Mobius X8 gives ease and comfort whilst riding, a brace a brace that can combat the strain of today's motocross athletes.


Check out the full range of Knee Braces at your local AMX Superstore or browse the collection here. 


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