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ISO with your bike?

By Rhi AMX

Tue Aug 25 2020

Being in isolation, cut off from the world with no freedom to go riding totally sucks.  Yes, you could sit and watch Netflix all day, which doesn’t sound half bad, but your time could be spent being far more productive with your nearest and dearest two-wheeled companion!

The AMX team are here to help keep your sanity in check with some ideas of how you can pass the time during the COVID crisis but still be connected to your ride without the wheels even turning.

Take a walkabout
Bikes need attention, we know this but how often do you look over yours in detail? It’s one of those jobs you never have time for, until now.  If you’re riding regular and riding hard, everything will need replacing at some point and some damage can be harder to spot than others without a close eye.  Cracks, leaks, wear and tear, damaged nuts and bolts, brake pads and cable wear are all things to look out for, making sure everything is in good nick and everything is tight to factory spec. If you spot something that needs attention or needs changing, do it now before you’re back out on the seat.

Get cleaning
Hygiene is on trend right now so it wouldn’t hurt to give the bike a clean-up too.  Whether you love or loathe this task, if you wanna get your bike ready and looking good for Spring rides, it will need more than a quick shakedown at the local car wash.   With plenty of time on your hands, why not invest in a specific motorcycle cleaner to get the grime off, concentrate on one area at a time working on those deep pockets of dirt and tar, and get the pipes shining. Oh, and don’t forget the spokes and hubs… although you may need a beer for company for that one! 

Maintenance time
There are so many maintenance tasks that need doing on a regular basis but its another one of those jobs we put off, but also another one that is so important.  Keeping tabs on things like your battery’s health, checking fluid levels, changing coolant, swapping out the filter and spark plugs are all must do’s.  Replacing your brake pads, checking your chain links, inflating your tyres will all help get you and your bike ready for when your freedom returns!

Organise your workspace.
Sounds a little boring (because it is a little boring) but tidying up your workstation or garage will give you a massive boost and you’ll 100% be happy you did it once its finished.  Labelling your storage boxes sounds a little soft but will save so much time when you’re looking for that hex head socket, or that tool you bought which you really needed, that you haven’t used yet.  Getting all your nuts and bolts in order will make your future life easier too, especially if you’re late night prepping for a morning ride.

Make some money!
Cleaning out your garage may mean you find lots of stuff hanging around from that project bike you never started (or never finished).  Unless you’re a compulsive hoarder, keeping hold of stuff you don’t need is not only a waste of space, but it could earn you some extra dollar.  Have a sift through your stuf and if you haven’t laid a hand on something in the last year or so, get it on eBay and get some extra cash for new bike bits!

Up your spec
As a rider, you constantly want to take things to the next level, to improve your bike, your ride and the experience. If you’re considering adding some mods and upgrades to your ride, which you can do yourself at home, now is the time.  Stock bikes are cool, but tricked out bikes are cooler, and you can improve the spec on yours by changing up some key features whilst your stuck at home.  Handlebars, air filters, chains, tubes, tyres, levers, sprockets, radiator hoses, foot pegs, handguards, bashplates and exhausts are just a few of the modifications you can do that will make a different to your machine, your style and your riding experience, taking your bike to new levels without breaking the bank.



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