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How To Clean Your Motorbike Correctly

By Rhi AMX

Thu Feb 18 2021

There’s not a lot that can be beat taking your motorcycle for a long, leisurely ride after a long working week. However, even the sturdiest of bikes take a lot of punishment while cruising the open road.

All sorts of filth get on your motorcycle from dust, to dirt to dead bugs.  Yes, it’s an aesthetic inconvenience, no one wants their pride and joy to look grubby, but experienced riders know that filth clinging to a bike can corrode and weather important components. This is why cleaning your motorcycle regularly is so important.

Several headaches can occur from not spending the time to clean your motorcycle properly, so it’s best to familiarise yourself with how it should be done correctly, and what tools you need for the job.

Keeping a bike clean and well maintained isn’t exactly complicated, but it’s not a simple task either.  Check out the video below where Levi will give you guys some tips on the best way to wash your bike, and the best products for the job!

While you should never shy away from getting your bike dirty, you should always keep it as clean and protected as you can. Ideally, you should keep your bike securely locked in a place where it’s protected from the elements. There’s no sense keeping your bike clean and running well when it’s just going to be exposed to moisture and rain.

AMX sells a huge range of cleaning products which are perfect for keeping your bike in top condition.  From Mo-Tech’s bike wash, to Hydrosilex Soap and ceramic coaters, Muc-Off’s visor cleaner and Penrite’s chain care kit (available in store only) – All of which are available at AMX! 

Get out there guys, ride safe and look good! 

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