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Heated Motorcycle Gloves Buying Guide

By Trudi AMX

Tue Jun 07 2022

A good heated glove will keep you warm, but not too warm. Just like Goldilocks, the key is to find a pair of gloves that are just right. So how do you find the perfect pair? In this buying guide we will discuss the important facets of purchasing heated motorcycle gloves.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing heated gloves;

  • The dangers of cold hands

  • Battery Powered versus Hard Wired

  • Protection

  • Heated gloves versus heated grips

  • Suggested Heated Gloves

The Dangers of Cold Hands

Cold weather causes the blood vessels in the hands and extremities to constrict or become smaller. This causes your fingers to lose flexibility, responsiveness and become tightened with cold. Your hands are the most exposed part of your body when riding a motorcycle, and are arguably the most important as they control your acceleration, brakes and gear changes. Not to mention they are keeping you on the bike!

This is why it is vital to ensure that your hands can operate as normal despite the cold air. Motorcycle heated gloves are a great solution when your leather gloves or winter gloves are just not enough.

Battery Powered versus Hard Wired

Heated motorcycle gloves come in two options; 12v gloves connect directly to your motorcycle battery and 7v gloves use a self contained lithium battery.

There are pros and cons of both options of course. The obvious con of the battery powered gloves is the risk that you will run out of battery life on your journey. If your rides tend to be quite long adventures where you are not hopping on and off the bike frequently then perhaps you would be better suited to a hard wired glove.

However, the battery operated gloves are simple and easy to put on and take off, and the battery can last up to 4 hours depending on which heat settings you are using.


Keeping your hands warm is one thing, however we still need our heated motorcycle gloves to offer the same protective qualities as regular motorcycle gloves. As motorcycle riders, we don't only need protection from Mother Nature, but from the road itself and any unplanned contact with it!

That means you should also be looking for quality materials like leather for abrasion resistance & PU metacarpal-phalangeal protective shells under leather. Aramid fibre like Kevlar or Cordura is strong, versatile and tear resistant and a waterproof membrane will help keep hands dry as well as warm. Knuckle protection is another feature to look for.

The cheapest heated motorcycle gloves may not offer the best protection, always ensure you are purchasing the best heated motorcycle gloves available.

Heated Gloves Versus Heated Grips

The debate of heated gloves versus heated grips is a heated one (see what we did there!). While heated grips are a convenient way to keep your palms warm on a cold day, they will not offer you any comfort against the wind chill, nor will they warm the tops of your hands. Heated gloves have heating elements which keep your whole hand warm.

In some climates, heated grips will certainly suffice. Chat to your local AMX experts for advice if you are unsure which product is right for you.

Suggested Heated Gloves available at AMX

Some of the best heated motorcycle gloves on the market are produced by a brand called Five. Five are glove specialists who focus on protection, fitment and design. They use optimal technology in their products, such as GORE-TEX (weatherproof membrane), PRIMALOFT®, 3M® Thinsulate™ (thermal lining), and Dupont de Nemours® (Kevlar) Gütermann® (for threads that are durable, yet don’t cut into the skin), and adopt their innovations for advanced products.

Five Glove HG-3 Heated Glove available in Men's and Ladies

The HG3 has been completely redesigned in 2020: more modern, more elegant, more high-performance, this heated glove for urban and suburban riding has adopted the latest FIVE HG heating system. A Thinsulate™ 40g thermal lining on the topside of the glove adds to its excellent heat insulation. It’s just what you need to calmly face the cold on city or suburban roads. The HG3 is as comfortable as it is protective when the weather turns bad. It features a one-piece shell to protect the topside of your hand, a TPR shell on the palm, and reinforcements on the outer fingers for protection in case of a fall. Its wide cuff easily covers your jacket sleeve. Add in a Bemberg™ comfort lining, dual closure system, the Touch Screen™ system for handling device screens, and reflective elements so you’re more visible at night, and you get an ideally balanced style (lightweight, not too bulky, with an adjustable heat level) for everyday riding in winter over short-to-medium distances.

Five Glove HG-1 Pro Heated

It features an easy-to-reach adjustment button that offers three levels of heat, so you can adjust the temperature and find the optimal compromise between the heat you feel and energy consumption. In addition to its thermal regulation qualities, its topside construction, combining full-grain goatskin and Stretch Cordura®™, coupled with a breathable, weatherproof HIPORA® membrane, offers perfect resistance to tough weather conditions. Its goatskin palm offers suppleness, and its digital pittards anti-slip leather reinforcements, ideal grip on the controls in wet conditions. A PU metacarpal protective shell settles in under the leather. With its battery-and resistor-powered heating system, Thinsulate™ insulation, and many features (Clear Vision Pad™, Touch Screen™ System, OverSize Cuff, triple closure system, etc.), the HG1 is the top choice for comfortable, warm rides over long distances when it’s really cold outside.

Happy Shopping!

Riding in winter doesn't have to be a misery, or something to avoid. With the right equipment you can once again look forward to being on the bike despite the weather. Shop all of your winter essentials at AMX including Gloves, Jackets, Boots and more!

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