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By Rhi AMX

Mon Nov 09 2020, is Australia’s first integrated motorcycle training organisation, based in Sydney NSW, singularly focused on women who ride.

GirlTorque have partnered with Sydney West Riders an upcoming Girls only Ride Day at Luddenham Raceway to help support and encourage female riders to the track.

Ladies of all levels of riding will have the opportunity to refine and develop their skills, feel empowered, have fun and meet other like-minded female riders in a safe and professional environment.

The day is also open to ALL LEVELS of licensed riders who are encouraged to come along and enjoy the experience. Be inspired and experience the solidarity of women who dare to embrace adventure and live life to the full.
How much?:

What you get?
4 x groups
Purple – First time ever on the track and/or still prefer to take it slow/ inexperienced riding in street gear – Motorbike jacket with armour, Kevlar jeans, full protective boots & gloves
White – First time at Luddenham Raceway (full-leathers- one or 2 piece zipped)
Yellow – Experienced Slow & Medium
Red – Experienced Fast

6 x 15 minute track sessions
Participants will get 3 x complimentary photos
Lots of fantastic prize giveaways, including your chance to win a $150 AMX Superstores Gift Card!
2019 was a blast, 2020 will be bigger and better. Get ready for an amazing day!!

Event Details -

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