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C.R.A.B - Cancer Research Advocate Bikers

By Rhi AMX

Tue Oct 20 2020

C.R.A.B - Cancer Research Advocate Bikers are a non-for-profit organisation and social motorcycle club raising funds for cancer research with the SA charter 'Bluey's' making annual donations to the Royal Adelaide Hospital Cancer Research Fund, having already raised $230,000.
They host 2 major Charity runs in SA - the Testi-cool Run in Feb/March and the upcoming 'Roll the Dice Run' on 28th November 2020.
Riders will each roll three dice a total of five times. First roll at registration, then roll at each of the stops, with the final roll held at the conclusion of the ride, After totalling all off the rolls, the person with the highest and lowest number wins a cash prize. 
Food, Drink and Live entertainment will carry you through the night and you'll have the chance to win some AMX Superstores Gift Cards in the event raffle with proceeds going to Cancer Research.
For your state based C.R.A.B Charters;
Victoria has the 'Hermits'
New South Wales has the 'Kingies'
Queensland the 'Muddies'
Brisbane has the 'Sandies' and
South Australia has the 'Blueys'. 
All Charters of C.R.A.B are non for profit organisations.
For more information on Bluey's and C.R.A.B visit them at

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