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Bacchus Marsh Motorcross Club

By Rhi AMX

Thu Aug 20 2020

The Bacchus Marsh Motocross Club is run by a small group of hard working volunteers.  As a club they cater to all levels of riders with a beginner/50 track plus the main motocross track, situated 45kms west of Melbourne, which has many types of jumps big and small as well as many styles of turns to help the progression of the riders within the club.  

BMMXC hold many events throughout the year such as mid-week night practices, club days, pony express and night races and have classes for all types of riders from the beginners having their first race to the A grade riders. 
The track has an open key policy meaning when you join the club you get a key to the gate and can ride any day of the week!

AMX Superstores are on-going supporters of BMMXC so next time you’re out on track look up to see us on the start gate!

Check out their social media pages for more info on their up and coming events.


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