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Yiana Valoudis in the news!

By Rhi AMX

Thu Oct 08 2020

Check out AMX Superstores Rider Support Rider Yiana Valoudis in the current Australian Motorcycle News Mag. Yiana is moving her way up in the 300cc classes racing in the Cafnix Series Championship and the current Natalie Van Der Heiden Woman's Cup. 

The Cafnix Series Championship is hosted by Phoenix MCC and The Cafe Racer Club of SA running club ride days and point scoring championship events
promoted under the CAFNIX name. AMX Superstores also sponsors the 'Race Your Mates' Bracket Racing and encourages all rides of any ability to get involved and give it a go as a manageable stepping stone into class racing. 

AMX Superstores is so proud of Yiana and the example she is setting for women riders thinking of getting involved in the Road Race sport. 

If you're looking to start Track Day riding or Racing in South Australia get incontact with the clubs below;

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