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Townsville Motorcycle Club Ten-A-Team Challenge

By Rhi AMX

Thu Oct 15 2020

The Townsville Motorcycle Club Ten-A-Team Challenge is based on having fun, team spirit and creativity. Each Team consists of 10 Riders (Seniors and Juniors), plus their crew. Each Team has a Captain and often allocate roles to their crew, like mums and dads that don’t ride, so often there are Team Managers, Team Volunteers, Water boys and lots of other fun titles!

The event is held over 2 days, the first day is dirt track and the second is motocross. Teams gain points on various things, not just winning races. Team Spirit, Team Costumes, Best Dressed Rider, Best Dressed Farmer in the Farm Bike Class, Best Hole Shot and the list goes on. Throughout the event, novelty races are thrown into the race days, so we have Le Mans starts, laying down Le Mans starts, Egg and Spoon races to their bike for juniors, team relays and shoot outs. The Team that has gained the most points over the weekend wins.

Any volunteers also receive bonus points for their Team, so helping on flag points, 5/10 board, helping in canteen-  It just mixes it up and gets everyone involved!

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