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Townsville Enduro Club Pony Express Round 2

By Rhi AMX

Thu Sep 17 2020

This weekend the Townsville Enduro Club holds Round 2 of the Enduro Series with the Laudham Park Pony Express.  It’s a 4-hour pony express – if you’re not familiar with the term, that means a multi-lap relay race if you’re in a two-person team, or if you want to ride Ironman, you get the whole thing done yourself.

Race Venue - 2-56 Ross Lakes Drive, Pinnacles QLD 4815
Juniors: Saturday 19th September 2020
Racing 2pm to 5pm (3hrs)

Seniors:­ Sunday 20th September
Racing 9am­-1pm (4hrs)

FREE Spectators - Just remember to collect an arm band and fill in the covid register at the club pit tent on arrival.  

Be sure to head into AMX Superstores Townsville for any of your last minute needs!

See you at the track!

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