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Parani M10 by SENA

By Rhi AMX

Wed Nov 11 2020

Motorcycle comms can be expensive and brands like SENA are forever bringing out new, innovative offerings to get us excited, evolving into some of the most feature-dense devices we use.

If you’re new to biking or new to technology and want a great entry-level communication system that has a good sound, reliable functions, and doesn’t break the bank, the new Parani M10 by SENA is the one for you. 


In the box, you get the full set up. A USB-C cable, a clip-on cradle and an adhesive cradle, the speaker and microphone set, and instructions.  The M10 will fit on pretty much any aesthetic, and with its low-key design, it’s looks won’t shout too loud.

Installation is easy.  With a few adjustments inside your helmet to get the M10’s thin wires fitted cleanly, no modifications have to be done, unless your helmet doesn’t have cut-outs for speakers, in which case, you need to grind away the EPS foam, but this isn’t an issue on modern helmets.  

Once installed, the system is very modest.  It’s not as bulky as other SENA models and it’s a pretty compact system that won’t be hugely visible on the side of your head.  With its rounded style, premium feel buttons and jog wheel, the M10 is sleek with an awesome, visually clear LCD display.  It’s a solid device for the money you’ll be paying.


Indicated by its price tag, it’s not a mesh-based system like other SENA models available.  However, SENA has shares its same technology with the M10 making it a Bluetooth based comms unit which will pair easily with your phone, allowing you to communicate with up to 3 other riders with a range of about 1 km.

Listening to music is a thing, plus taking calls, making calls and even voice commands on your phone. Another win for us was the firmware upgradeability, which is generally not a thing on entry-level comms units, so that’s a big pro!

Turning on the device is done simply by holding down the multi-function button and jog dial for a few seconds, turning off is the same, with just a press of those same buttons. Piaring mode is initiated when holding down the multi-function button until the pairing prompt is shown on the LCD.

Bluetooth Intercom

Like other Bluetooth communicators, the main issue is the interference and range but the M10 gives a clear signal with good quality audio.

Pairing with your mates is an easy task.  Holding down the jog dial for 5 seconds on all the units you want to pair will get you linked up and ready to ride. You will hear two beeps inside your helmet when the intercom pairing mode is active and to talk to your buddies, simply tap the jog wheel.

It may not be the simplest start-up process but once everything is up and running, it’s a pretty decent experience. 


The audio quality out of the speakers on the M10 is punching above its price point for sure.  With the tech on the speakers lifted from SENA’s more expensive products, with sharp, clear voices with no drop in sound, what you get from the M10 is better than most other entry-level systems.

The mic quality is equally commendable, clear without any cutting out even when talking over wind noise while on the saddle.   

Battery Life

If you’re planning to be out on the seat all day, commuting back and for work through traffic, the M10 unit will be right there with you for the ride.  The M10 is advertised at lasting 6 hours, but research has showed that even after a 5-hour ride, only one bar of life was depleted.   Obviously the more you use it the quicker it will run low, but if you’re only using the device for music whilst you’re out solo, it should last you quite some time.

To save it up, just make sure to turn it off when you’re not on the bike and once you do start using the intercom, the battery will last closer to the manufacturer's advertised timeframe.   


AMX have the M10 for sale at JUST $109, a bargain for what you get for your money.  This entry-level Bluetooth unit is a step above others in its price range in regard to sound and build quality, and display.  Hurdles with connectivity may be experienced in set-up, but that’s technology for you!

This is an awesome piece of gear to get started with and one you’ll find yourself using daily from the go. If you’re on a budget with little comms experience, consider the Parani M10 by SENA.  We’re fans!

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